"Welcome" Signs
Our Hottest Selling Item!

How to order:

1) Call for wholesale inquiries. Please provide a copy of your state resale certificate.  If
you would like to order from Just Too Cute  you can call us Mon-Fri, 8:30-5pm MST at
(505)281-3452 and we can get you a catalogue in the mail.

2) Each sign comes with a coordinating "dangle", or painted metal shape, which hangs
underneath.  We will match up the saying with the shape or may select your own.

3)  Have a funny saying of your own?  We are happy to write custom signs at no extra
cost, although we ask that you limit the length to no more than 100 spaces (it just gets
too crowded after that point!).  When ordering custom signs, please be sure to write the
entire saying, including desired spelling and punctuation, very carefully.

4)  Welcome signs $10.00 each for plain wire, $12.00 each for beaded wire or scalloped

5)  We also offer a series of themed displays designed to better cater to your store's
unique clientele.  Just ask us!
               "Everyday" Display

Includes : 56 welcome signs, plus four at no charge and a 6 foot tall metal
display rack with 8 arms (plain wire only calculated)
Wholesale Only. Call for pricing and details.
Gifts that are...

Just Too Cute!
                                 "Everyday" Package Sayings List
Two of each of the following:
ws41-a: I Smile 'Cause you're My sister, I Laugh 'Cause There's Nothin' you Can do About It!
ws61: I Have A Kitchen Because it Came With The House
ws81: We Don't Skinny dip. We Chunky Dunk!
ws124: Changing the Toilet Paper Roll does Not Cause Brain Damage!
ws125: Raising Kids Is Like Being Pecked to Death By A Chicken
ws126: Go Braless...It'll Pull the Wrinkles Out Of Your Face!
ws151: A Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here!
ws163: Caution! Dog Has "Licker" License
ws250: You'll Always Be My Best Friend...You Know Too Much!
ws281: Miracles Happen to Those Who Believe
ws326: I'm Still A Hot Babe...But Now it Comes In Flashes!
ws328: It's Not Shopping, It's Retail Therapy!
ws330: We've Been through A Lot Together...And Most Of It Was Your Fault!
ws367: If You're Gonna Act Like A Turd, Go Lay In the Yard!
ws378: I Love Cooking with Wine...Sometimes I Even Put it In The Food!
ws393: It's 5:00 Somewhere!
ws524: What Happens At Grandma's Stays At Grandma's!
ws536: A Good Friend Will Bail You Out Of Jail...But a True Friend Will Be There with You Saying
          "Damn, that Was Fun!"
ws577: If You're Not God Or George Strait, Take Your Boots Off!
ws766: You Drink Too Much, You Cuss To Much And You Have Questionable Morals...
           You're Everything I Ever Wanted In A Friend!
ws792: Good Morning. This Is God. Today I'll Be Handling Your Problems. I Don't Need Your Help.
            Have A Nice Day!
ws798: Remember, As Far As Anyone Knows, We're A Nice, Normal Family
ws806: I Love the Nights I Can't Remember With The Friends I Can't Forget
ws871: I'll Have A Cafe-Mocha-Vodka-Valium Latte To Go, Please
ws898: I'm Not Mean. You're Just A Sissy!
ws930: Angels Are Watching Over You...And They Are Shocked!
ws963: Behave! What Happens Today Is On Facebook Tomorrow!
ws966: Be The Kind Of Woman That When your Feet Hit The Floor Each Morning The Devil Says
           "Oh Crap, She's Up!"
ws981: Live, Laugh, Love. If That Doesn't Work...Raise, Aim, Fire!
ws1015: FAMILY The Other "F" Word
  If you are a new customer and would like to see our complete list of sayings, please call us at (505) 281-3452 or
toll-free at 1-877-638-5278, or email us at JustTooCuteWholesale@gmail.com with your business information
and request a catalogue.
If you are an existing customer and would like to receive our latest catalogue , you may call, fax, or email us at
JustTooCuteWholesale@gmail.com and we will send it to you free of charge.  


Below is a copy of our first page of sayings from our catalog.
Please contact us to get an entire listing sent to you ( Wholesale inquiries only)
Please fax request along with copy of State resale certificate to:
Sign Sayings:
How to order: Choose the saying, we’ll do the rest! You may choose your embellishment shapes if you like, but we’ll save you the
hassle and do it for you, sending an assortment in consideration of your demographics. It’s easy!
“Wall” (WS) Signs-Sold 2 per design. Plain Wire-$4.75 each,  Grape (GR) wire-$6.00 each.
Scalloped Bright (BR) Signs-Sold 2 per design, $6.00 each. Available in assorted colors …but please, leave the color choice to us to
insure that the color combinations “work”.

126: Go Braless…It’ll Pull The Wrinkles Out Of Your Face
326: I’m Still A Hot Babe…But Now It Comes In Flashes
367: If You’re Gonna Act Like A Turd, Go Lay In The Yard!
457: Do Not Start With Me…You Will Not Win!
545: I’m Having A Nice Day, Don’t Screw It Up!
807: The Deadline For Complaints Was Yesterday
810: I Can Only Please One Person Per Day. Today Is Not Your Day. Tomorrow
     Doesn’t Look Good Either!
823: I Sure Hope My Ship Comes In Before My Dock Rots!
895: You Can Agree With Me Or You Can Be Wrong
897: You Can’t Fix Stupid
898: I’m Not Mean. You’re Just A Sissy!
960: Some People Say I Have A Bad Attitude. SCREW THEM!
963: Behave! What Happens Today Is On Facebook Tomorrow!
976: Karma Means I Can Rest Easy At Night Knowing All The People I Treated Badly Had It Coming!
991: I Have PMS And GPS…which Means I’m A BITCH And I WILL FIND YOU!
997: Sassy, Classy And A Little Bad Assey
1010: Don’t Make Me Put My Hands On My Hips!
1025. I’m Having One Of Those Days When My Middle Finger Is Answering Every Question
1026. I Try To Live Simply, But DRAMA Just Keeps Following Me Around! 1029: Stress Relief: 1. Hang on Wall 2. Follow Directions In        
Circle (inside  circle written Bang Head Here)
393: It’s 5:00 Somewhere!
394: Alcohol Is The Answer. I Just Can’t Remember The Question!
468: Beer…It’s Cheaper Than Therapy!
699: I Take Life With A Grain Of Salt, A Wedge Of Lime And A Shot Of Tequila!
899: In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One!
909: Why Limit Happy To An Hour?
1021: My Speech Is Not Slurred I’m Talking In Cursive.
1023. I’m Outdoorsy I Like Drinking  On Patios

377: Wine A Bit…You’ll Feel Better
378: I Love Cooking With Wine…Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food!
380: I’m Aging Like Fine Wine...Getting Complex And Fruity!
382: I’ll Drink No Wine Before Its Time…It’s Time!
462: We Serve Only The Finest Wine. Did You Bring Any?
698: A Couple Of Winers Live Here
750: Over A Bottle Of Wine, Many A Friend Is Found
760: Dinner Is Poured
762: When All Else Fails…Just Wine!
831: Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times!
878: Husbands Are Like Fine Wine…Best Kept In The Cellar!
906: A Glass Of Wine Is Good…A Bottle Is Better!
957: Welcome! I Hope You Brought Wine
958: Does This Wine Glass Make My Butt Look Big?
961: Don’t Keep Things Bottled Up…Let’s Wine Together!
970: I Enjoy A Glass Of Wine Each Night For My Health. The Other Glasses Are For My Witty Comebacks And Great Dance Moves.
985: When Wine Goes In, Wisdom Comes Out
986: Wine A Little, Laugh A Lot!
987: A Friend With Wine Is A Friend Of Mine
988: The Reason My Husband Is Still Alive   (w/wine glass)
1008. Enjoy Wine In Moderation… Frequently
1009. I Just Rescued Some Wine. It Was Trapped In A Bottle
1012: They Should Put More Wine In A Bottle…So There's Enough For Two People
1024. I Drink Coffee Because I Need It ...And Wine Because I Deserve It

425: Prozac, Smozac. Hasn’t Anyone Heard Of A Martini?
426: One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini…Floor!
804: Talk Dirty To Me

81: We Don’t Skinny Dip, We Chunky Dunk!
262: Just Another Day In Paradise
435: If Life Is A Beach, Where Is Our Cabana Boy?
436: Instant Beach Bum-Just Add Water
484: I Love The Ocean! It Makes My Butt Look Smaller
603: Home Is Where You Drop Anchor
687: What Happens On Board Stays On Board
869: Flip You Flops Here!
971: No Hurries, No Worries
972: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This
973: The Sun And The Sand And A Drink In My Hand
980-b: The Beach Is Calling And I Must Go!        
998: A Beach Bum Lives Here With His Bathing Beauty
999: Life is Good…But It’s Better AtThe Beach!
1000: Mermaids Welcome
1001: Sandy Toes And Salty Kisses…Life At The Beach Is Great!
1002: Eat, Sleep, Beach
1003. Don’t Make Me Slap You With My Flip Flop!
1004. Home Is Where The Waves Are
1005. If Life Is A Journey, The Beach Is My Destination
1006. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go In Life As Long As You Go To The                                   
1007. Just Walk A Mile In My Flip Flops…And Bring Me Back A Drink!